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I like how a number of the hostel booking sites list security as something previous visitors can rank a place at. When travelling, I download a map of the city on my phone using the app city maps 2 go.

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I definitely need to remember to ask myself that more. Also trust is crucial. You can never take too long to trust someone. Be nice, but cautious! Fantastic tips Kate! Try and blend.

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We all stick out in someway or the other Ha! Shoulders back, head up, wide stride, and fast walking with a purpose. Spend that extra dollar for your safety is really, really important. Kate I love that you are inspiring women to travel independently! Thank you for keeping it real with the safety tips. I found that getting up early to get photographs in Paris was a mistake to do on my own.

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women | Adventurous Kate

The city was quiet, but alone I found myself the target of early morning scam artists. I decided it was better to take someone with me for those am shots that always end up being the best. I was told later early mornings are as much of a target as late in the evening in some Paris spots. That surprises me, Kitty. Awesome tips Kate! I recently got into a discuss of solo travel as a woman with my father.

According to him the world is a scary place. How do you convince concerned parents that you are 1. Very sound advice! I have to especially agree with not being too cheap when it comes to safety and of course not drinking too much!

Your Safety is Our Priority

Brilliant tips, Kate! I do generally trust people, but hope that the instincts will kick in if someone dodgy ever comes along.

Hi Kate, I guess I would be considered a senior traveler these days It has be so many years. Your tips about researching the culture of were you are planning to travel and dressing to blend in are the best. I started doing this pre internet days so it was a trip to the library for me back then. What I saw on those early trips confirmed how important this is.

You will be treated with more respect if you respect your destinations culture. My companion on a recent trip to India gave me two. Several comments have focused on dressing the part. Hi there Kate, Loved this blog post! I honestly never thought about blending in as much as possible when I travel. I usually tend to think what outfits would look the cutest when I post the picture up on my social media sites usually. But to blend in has really never crossed my mind, so great thinking!

Also, I completely agree on spending extra money to be kept safe. Nothing can even compare. Thank you, Kiara! I plan on working on that aspect of myself in the future, though! People have been telling me it is one of the most liberating experience ever. About the safety part. Your post reduced my stress significantly, thank you so much Kate! Liked your safety tips for female travelers. I agree with everything you said and would add that it is never a good idea to volunteer the info that you are solo. Years ago I was in a pub in the UK and a group of locals couples invited me to get my husband and join them.

I said I was traveling alone and a hush fell around the table. I realized at that moment that they must have found me very foolish. Great tips here Kate. These are great tips for newbies and those well traveled. I always lock my valuables in my room, even if this just means locking them in my main backpack.

Paris Safety Tips: Advice and Warnings for Tourists

Lots of great tips here…and most are relevant to all travelers not just women, and not just women traveling solo. As you suggest…. Thank you for the great tips. Doing my first solo backpack trip to Europe in two months and a bit nervous and excited. Wish me luck! Thank you! You would think a lot of this is common sense but it is easy to lose sight of some things. Especially when you are vulnerable and in a new country. Perhaps it is also wise to have an idea of where the nearest consulate or embassy of your country is if you need assistance.

I am a big fan of the passport card as a back up document, especially when running or going to the beach. It is only the size of a drivers license and it is waterproof. It easily fits in a secret pocket in bathing suits or running shorts. So I can have a federal US id with me while my passport is locked away safe in my hotel or cabin of a cruise ship. Love the other tips, especially the tip about blending in. Never thought of getting a passport card, Alanna! Thanks for sharing. What is a passport card and how do i get one? And how good is the recommended travel insurance company when it comes to lodging claims?

Totally nodding with each and every single tip Kate! It is almost like a checklist all females should read prior to traveling. It is also common sense! The very first thing I do now is buy travel insurance.

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You never know what may happen to having a health and travel insurance is totally worth paying a bit extra including trip cancellation, lost bags, medical checkups etc. I would suggest not to reveal too many things. I have terrible story because I have forgotten to do once.. Good tips. So true!!!

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Very helpful article letting women folk to be best prepared for travel and tour and tips for the some best travel enthusiasm and charm at the same time maintaining safety and security. Thanks for sharing informative stuff like that.


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30 Tips and Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

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