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Landlords Tenant Disputes.

Learn About Eviction

By Erin Eberlin. If you attempt to force a tenant out yourself, the tenant could actually pursue legal action against you. It is obviously frustrating if a tenant is not paying his or her rent or is otherwise breaching the lease, but you must understand that being a landlord is a business and there are specific rules that you must adhere to.

Not only is it illegal to attempt a self-help eviction, but it can also be dangerous. A tenant is not going to be too happy if you shut off their utilities or leave all of their belongings on the lawn. There have been many stories in the news about violence between landlords and tenants, some conflicts even resulting in death. Follow the law and let a trained sheriff or constable lock the tenant out under court orders. Harassing a tenant in the hopes that this intimidation will get the tenant to move-out.

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If you do not give this Notice to Quit, or do not give the Notice far enough in advance, you may have difficulty evicting the tenant and may be forced to start the eviction process over. Present them with a Notice to Quit. Understand how far in advance you must present this notice before you can file for an eviction.

Documents you should consider bringing to the eviction proceedings:. If you do not come to court with the proper evidence, a tenant who should rightfully be evicted may be allowed to remain in the property due to this lack of evidence. Evictions can drag on for two or three months, so you do not want to spend all that time waiting for a court date only to discover that you have to initiate the process all over again.

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    How Evictions Work: Rules for Landlords and Property Managers

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