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About groupelephant. Contact us for any additional information or visit our support portal. Its members are priests, who are bound by the obligation of celibacy, live under a common rule and with a common purse. Their work is pastoral, evangelistic, literary and educational. In the House of the Resurrection at Mirfield, near Huddersfield, became the centre of the community; in a college for training candidates for orders was established there, and in the same year a branch house, for missionary work, was set up in Johannesburg in South Africa.

To gore, i. It lies at the entrance of the large natural harbour formed by the peninsula of Cape Verde. The island, some yds. Until it was a free port. With the rise of Dakar q.

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Its healthy climate, however, makes it useful as a sanatorium. The streets are narrow, and the houses, mainly built of dark-red stone, are flat-roofed. Within the castle is an artesian well, the only water-supply, save that collected in rain tanks, on the island. Goree was first occupied by the Dutch, who took possession of it early in the 17th century and called it Goeree or Goedereede, in memory of the island on their own coast now united with Overflakkee. Its native name is Bir, i.

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It was captured by the English under Commodore afterwards Admiral Sir Robert Holmes in , but retaken in the following year by de Ruyter. Goree subsequently fell again into the hands of the English, but was definitely occupied by France in see Senegal : History. He came of a Saxon noble family who were converts to Protestantism. In he entered the Bodyguard of Hungarian Nobles at Vienna, where he combined military service with a course of study at the university.

In , on the death of his father, he retired from the army and devoted himself to the study of chemistry at Prague, after which he retired to the family estates in Hungary.

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Here, irritated by what he considered undue interference with his plans, he issued January 5th, a proclamation throwing the blame for the recent want of success upon the government, thus virtually revolting against their authority. Had he followed up his successes by taking the offensive against the Austrian frontier, he might perhaps have dictated terms in the Austrian capital itself. As it was, he contented himself with reducing Ofen, the Hungarian capital, in which he desired to re-establish the diet, and after effecting this capture he remained inactive for some weeks.

Meanwhile, at a diet held at Debreczin, Kossuth had formally proposed the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty and Hungary had been proclaimed a republic.

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However, he accepted the portfolio of minister of war, while retaining the command of the troops in the field. The surrender, and particularly the fact that his life was spared while his generals and many of his officers and men were hanged or shot, led, perhaps naturally, to his being accused of treason by public opinion of his countrymen.

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After his release he played no further part in public life. Even in an attempt which was made by a large number of his old comrades to rehabilitate him was not favourably received in Hungary. See also Hungary : History. See also A. From youth both a soldier and a sailor, he was a prisoner in Spain at the age of twenty-one, having been captured by a ship of the Spanish Armada. In he was in command of a small body of troops fighting for Henry IV. In , on the accession of James I. About he began to be greatly interested in the New World; in he became a member of the Plymouth Company, and he laboured zealously for the founding of the Popham colony at the mouth of the Sagadahoc now the Kennebec river in For several years following the failure of that enterprise in he continued to fit out ships for fishing, trading and exploring, with colonization as the chief end in view.

He was largely instrumental in procuring the new charter of for the Plymouth Company, and was at all times of its existence perhaps the most influential member of that body.

He was the recipient, either solely or jointly, of several grants of territory from it, for one of which he received in the royal charter of Maine see Maine. In he sought to be appointed governor-general of all New England, but the English Civil War—in which he espoused the royal cause—prevented him from ever actually holding that office.

He was an advocate, especially late in life, of the feudal type of colony. See J. Baxter ed. It was generally formed of small overlapping rings of plate, and attached either to the body armour or to the armet.

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It was worn in the 16th and 17th centuries with the half-armour, with the plain cuirass, and even occasionally without any body armour at all. During these times it gradually became a distinctive badge for officers, and as such it survived in several armies—in the form of a small metal plate affixed to the front of the collar of the uniform coat—until after the Napoleonic wars.

In he was sent by his fellow-citizens at the head of an embassy to ask Athenian protection against the aggression of the Syracusans.

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He subsequently settled in Athens, and supported himself by the practice of oratory and by teaching rhetoric. He died at Larissa in Thessaly. His chief claim to recognition consists in the fact that he transplanted rhetoric to Greece, and contributed to the diffusion of the Attic dialect as the language of literary prose. Valeton, , the substance of which may be gathered from the writings of Sextus Empiricus, and also from the treatise ascribed to Theophrastus De Melisso, Xenophane, Gorgia. Gorgias is the central figure in the Platonic dialogue Gorgias.

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Blass in the Teubner series, , which have come down under his name, is disputed. For his philosophical opinions see Sophists and Scepticism. See also Gomperz, Greek Thinkers , Eng. Blass, Die attische Beredsamkeit , i. Homer speaks of only one Gorgon, whose head is represented in the Iliad v. In the Odyssey xi. Hesiod increases the number of Gorgons to three—Stheno the mighty , Euryale the far-springer and Medusa the queen , and makes them the daughters of the sea-god Phorcys and of Keto. Their home is on the farthest side of the western ocean; according to later authorities, in Libya Hesiod, Theog.

The Attic tradition, reproduced in Euripides Ion , regarded the Gorgon as a monster, produced by Gaea to aid her sons the giants against the gods and slain by Athena the passage is a locus classicus on the aegis of Athena. The Gorgons are represented as winged creatures, having the form of young women; their hair consists of snakes; they are round-faced, flat-nosed, with tongues lolling out and large projecting teeth.

Sometimes they have wings of gold, brazen claws and the tusks of boars. Medusa was the only one of the three who was mortal; hence Perseus was able to kill her by cutting off her head. From the blood that spurted from her neck sprang Chrysaor and Pegasus, her two sons by Poseidon. The head, which had the power of turning into stone all who looked upon it, was given to Athena, who placed it in her shield; according to another account, Perseus buried it in the market-place of Argos.

According to Roscher, it was supposed, when exposed to view, to bring on a storm, which put the enemy to flight. Frazer Golden Bough , i. According to the later idea of Medusa as a beautiful maiden, whose hair had been changed into snakes by Athena, the head was represented in works of art with a wonderfully handsome face, wrapped in the calm repose of death.

The Rondanini Medusa at Munich is a famous specimen of this conception. Various accounts of the Gorgons were given by later ancient writers. According to Diod. Pliny Nat.