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In approving results from a default service procurement a PUC Chair said that For the quarter ended September 30, , Spark Energy, Inc. Broker, Parent File For Bankruptcy. A broker and parent have filed voluntary Chapter 11 petitions for bankruptcy. As part of a newly filed rate case, Arizona Public Service has filed a proposed AG-Y "buy-through" program which is intended to comply with an Arizona Corporation Commission directive for the creation of a program for medium-sized customers. During an earnings call this morning, Curt Morgan, president and chief executive officer of Vistra Energy, said that, regarding future investment for Vistra, "retail opportunities are the biggest opportunity," in the near-term.

Start-up retail electric provider Evolve Energy has launched service in Texas, with an app to provide access to wholesale electricity prices, "and optimize energy use for residents across the state.

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A broker-consultant has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for Energy Procurement Services with. Baltimore Gas and Electric, Pepco, and Delmarva have filed revisions to their previously proposed Maryland tariffs to establish a process by which retail electric suppliers must transfer, to the utility, credits, which the suppliers receive from the PJM Interconnection, LLC PJM , that are associated with each utility's participation in the PJM capacity market as a price responsive demand PRD resource.

Wrangler will operate a nonregulated natural gas retail energy marketing business with Dominion Energy contributing its nonregulated retail energy marketing operations and Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. David Energy, which currently offers various energy management services for buildings as well as distributed energy resource DER optimization, is launching a retail electric supplier as part of its vision of providing energy-as-a-service to prosumers.

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Other than Constellation's previously reported stalking horse bid, no other third party bids were received for Agera Energy's retail energy customer book. RetailEnergyX : Calif. Bright Energy applied for a Texas electric aggregator certificate to serve Staff of the Virginia State Corporation Commission filed testimony which generally did not oppose the proposed percent renewable energy tariff filed by utility Dominion Energy Virginia Electric and Power Company.

In a compliance filing regarding a Transportation Electrification Implementation Plan in the District of Columbia, Pepco said that it would develop educational materials for customers with electric vehicles on whether it would be "advantageous" for them to move to a "Whole House" time of use rate for SOS. During an earnings call today, executives at Exelon said that its customer-facing Constellation business continues to perform, "very well," as executives detailed challenging conditions for the company's Generation segment from wholesale market conditions.

A regulator has opened a docket to revise regulations governing retail electric supplier licensing. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has disclosed winning bidders from the October 7 procurement of a portion of default service supplies for the FirstEnergy Ohio utilities for various terms beginning June 1, A retail energy veteran has formed a start-up broker.

Staff of the Utilities Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission have filed the first retail electric competition research submission. A Texas REP was recently selected as the retail provider to implement the offering of wind power from a local wind farm to Texas members and customers of REI, a retail co-op offering outdoor clothing, gear and footwear.

In reporting earnings this morning, AltaGas Ltd. In reporting third quarter earnings, Edison International provided an update on its broker and energy consulting business, Edison Energy. Southern Co. Albireo Energy, a building automation and energy services company whose services include energy procurement consulting, announced it acquisition of A power marketer which serves retail customers has named Rob Snyder, through the entity "The Robert L. Genaset Energy, Inc. A retail supplier will acquire a book of customers from AEP Energy, Inc. RetailEnergyX : U. The District of Columbia PSC has adopted compliance tariffs from Pepco to implement the previously ordered elimination of the month minimum stay on SOS for commercial customers who return to SOS after taking competitive supply.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo "demand[ed]" in a letter to the New York PSC Chair that the PSC explain its oversight of National Grid's actions with respect to a natural gas customer connection moratorium, due to inadequate supplies, and asked that the PSC also explain, "potential grounds for revocation of National Grid's license. A retail supplier is introducing town partnerships for its CleanChoice Community Solar offerings. Legislation House Bill has been filed in Pennsylvania to allow the electric distribution companies to offer community solar local solar to their customers under a subscription program.

Texas-New Mexico Power issued a market notice stating that TNMP implemented a web portal to provide automation for current manual processes as well as access to REP specific data not previously offered. Revised Calif. A revised proposed decision from a California PUC ALJ would revise the allocation method, and amounts required, for the obligation of competitive retail suppliers electric service providers, or ESPs to procure their assigned share of needed incremental reliability and renewable integration resources identified by the proposed order. DTE Energy, in forecasting lower natural gas bills for residential customers from both lower usage and low prices, said that, Niagara Mohawk National Grid or "the Company" has filed at the New York PSC for changes to its Clifton Park Demand Reduction REV Demonstration Project, including a proposal to use a subscription model for part of the electric supply charges applicable to a subset of non-shopping customers who receive electric supply from the utility.

Port Houston Executive Director Roger Guenther has been given authorization by the Port Commission to enter into final negotiations for the purchase of renewable electricity with three retail electric providers. Start-up EnergiApp Services Incorporated applied for Texas PUC Staff issued a memo informing stakeholders that it will cease its originally used "provisional" registration of brokers, as Staff can now complete reviews, for interim registrations, within the timeframe prescribed by law.

Integrate Agency's "Tilting The Grid" retail energy event, to be held November 15, in Houston, Texas, will conduct a post-mortem on retail market impacts and implications from this summer's extreme volatility in ERCOT, and will also examine disruption, innovation, and transparency in the retail energy industry.

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Georgia Natural Gas has launched a carbon offset offering, called Greener Life, that can be added to its natural gas plans in the AGL market. Exelon has launched a new business venture to provide energy consulting services to commercial and industrial customers. SmartestEnergy, U.

Retail Supplier Newly Entering U. A retail supplier has been named the subscription manager of the first Adjustable Block Program ABP community solar project in Illinois. Consolidated Edison the "Company" would include new costs in its default service supply rates for electricity and natural gas in a joint proposal JP filed by various parties in ConEd's current rate cases before the PSC. A REP has filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas a statement of intent to provide retail electric services using a customer prepayment device or system.

A retail supplier launched a sponsorship covering the 3rd period at Chicago Wolves home games, at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Retail Supplier. RetailEnergyX : Growing U. Mailed Check. In comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Retail Energy Supply Association made a suggestion on how any range of rates, a potential avenue to implement retail electric choice, should be implemented. A wholesale energy marketer backed by private equity has filed for a Texas retail electric providers certificate.

A Colorado legislative committee has recommended a bill to require the study of the viability of the wholesale, opt-out model of electricity municipal aggregation called community choice energy, or CCE.

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The New York PSC adopted an order establishing minimum cybersecurity and data privacy requirements for entities such as ESCOs that receive from, or exchange customer data with, the utilities on an electronic basis other than by email. FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. Bankruptcy Court Judge overseeing the Chapter 11 restructuring will confirm the Company's Plan of Reorganization 'the Plan' , enabling the Company to implement the Plan and conclude the restructuring process by the end of Wells Fargo announced today a year structured renewable energy agreement with See our original story for more.

A village has authorized joining an opt-out municipal aggregation run by The New York natural gas utilities have filed their annual reconciliations of their default service gas supply costs for the twelve-month period ended August 31, RetailEnergyX : Another U. RetailEnergyX : Large U. The operator of a retail energy concierge shopping service has named Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio said that the auction-based Standard Choice Offer SCO should be re-established as the default service to all customers at Dominion East Ohio, including residential and all other classes of non-residential customers, with Staff further saying that current customers assigned to retail suppliers under the Monthly Variable Rate MVR program should be transferred back to the SCO.

Retail supplier Dominion Energy Solutions, Inc. A retail supplier exiting the market is paying remaining customers to switch away from the company. A PSC has sought stakeholder comments on integrating long-term renewable energy contracts into SOS, and cost recovery mechanisms. Various parties have filed a settlement concerning rate case expenses at Texas-New Mexico Power, under which a new rider, Rider RCE, would be adopted to recover rate case expenses from retail electric providers.

During today's open meeting, DeAnn Walker, Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas said that, as a starting point, she favors deleting the current home area network HAN requirements in the PUC's advanced metering system AMS rules, but supports including a requirement in the rules for on-demand reads, with limits. PECO has posted results from its September procurement of a portion of electric default service supplies for various periods through A provider which incents demand response via gamification has applied for A proposed order from a Texas ALJ would deny the application of A regulator has opened a number of specific proceedings as part of a larger grid modernization docket, including a new proceeding on energy affordability.

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation the Company today announced that it is exiting the natural gas marketing business through the sale of the majority of the assets of Peninsula Energy Services Company, Inc. A retail energy supplier announced an expansion of its renewable natural gas RNG offering. Ameren Illinois has raised concern at the Illinois Commerce Commission with the levels of hedged capacity for default service electric customers which are lower than the hedging targets in the Illinois Power Agency's procurement plan.

A sole proprietor has applied for a Texas electric aggregator certificate to serve residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. Public Service Electric and Gas Co. A PUC has disclosed the winning prices from a procurement of default service electricity supplies at A start-up which operates a website offering consumer guides for various financial services will also offer a retail energy supply comparison service on its site. An EDC has filed updated sample bills in a docket concerning revisions to its bill format, and the latest draft sample bills include revised language for the Price to Compare information included on all utility electric bills versus the samples originally filed.

The Massachusetts DPU has released a procedural schedule in a docket considering the opt-out electric municipal aggregation plan filed by the City of Boston, MA, and the schedule extends though late January Bulb, a U. Since entering select commercial natural gas markets one year ago, a retail supplier Agera Energy and its affiliates have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York and is facilitating an asset sale to A final order from the Illinois Commerce Commission in Nicor's natural gas rate case The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved a modified version of Commonwealth Edison's proposed electric supply rate Time of Use program for non-shopping customers.