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After a three-issue installment trial run as an insert feature in Penthouse Magazine , Penthouse Comix was expanded into a stand-alone magazine. The first issue, a page, color, glossy magazine, appeared in spring Early issues eschewed hardcore sex in favor of soft-core nudity and satiric humor. Sold on newsstands , the periodical debuted in a squarebound magazine format With issue 11, the size was reduced to From issue 26 to the end of its run, Penthouse Comix was published at standard modern comic-book size, with saddle-stitching, card-stock covers, and glossy interior pages.

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Issues were published in both a magazine-size newsstand edition and a comic-book sized direct-market edition for sale in comic-book stores. Editor-in-chief George Caragonne , who was developing a history of erratic behavior, [7] purged managing editor Horatio Weisfeld during the production of Penthouse Comix 4.

After Weisfeld's departure, some top-line artists began abandoning assignments, to be replaced by lesser talents, while overall quality and sales declined.

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In , Caragonne was accused of embezzlement by Penthouse , was fired, and later committed suicide. General Media then seized control of its comics-related publishing from the deceased Caragonne's packaging company, and installed Dave Elliott as editor. Elliott edited the remainder of the magazine's run, largely printing sub-par material which had been contracted by Caragonne.

General Media went bankrupt a few years later.

Penthouse Comix #5 (Issue)

Some European countries also altered a story that featured Adolf Hitler under laws which prohibited depiction of the Nazi leader. Editor Carragonne then went out of his way to inflame the issue by prominently featuring a swastika on the cover of Penthouse Comix 3. Although the cover had clearly been modeled on s men's pulp magazine covers which routinely featured Nazi villains , for foreign markets the swastika was altered to become an "X," and depictions of Hitler's head and swastika ring in one story written by Caragonne were replaced with a smiley face.

The 27 standard cards were accompanied by a chase card of Penthouse Pet Emerald Heart; a 1,limited-edition Alphonso Azpiri autograph card; and an Adam Hughes Hericane promotional card.

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