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Microsoft's Project Scorpio - the souped-up, 4K-ready version of the Xbox One - could mark the end of traditional console generations for the company. Instead, it hopes to treat dedicated gaming devices more like smartphones, with regular iterations instead of leaps and bounds every six or seven years.

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Greenberg added that Project Scorpio is "a pretty big bet" for Microsoft, noting that the success of the updated hardware, which is still over a year away from launch, could "change the way we think about the future of console gaming. With the help of initiatives like Xbox backwards compatibility and Xbox Play Anywhere , which works with Windows 10 , Microsoft hopes to keep the Xbox One community and their libraries consistent across multiple platforms, rather than bench the old ones each time a new system enters the fray.

On that topic, Greenberg clarified that all games and accessories made for the Xbox One and recently released Xbox One S will also work on Project Scorpio More support has been introduced for lower income elders and education has become a little less focused on rankings and tests. In recent parliamentary sittings, a number of MPs have also begun to raise the issue of the form or reform of our meritocracy.

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He raised the question as to what will happen to these thousands of less skilled workers as the economy becomes rapidly more competitive. The reality is that Singapore is a knowledge economy. We no longer have the jobs in manufacturing that once absorbed hundreds of thousands of workers.

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  8. Today a small number of highly-skilled employees can achieve a great deal which means a lot of people are going to need a lot more support to make it and to achieve a reasonable standard of living. Nominated MP Kok Heng Leun went even further to argue that we should actively look to incorporate an element of equality into our meritocracy,. Singapore has always eschewed the socialist quest of equality in favour of meritocracy.

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    The argument being that the former would create a culture of entitlement and bloated governments that lead to underperformance and failure. These ideas were anathema in Singapore just a decade ago. But to do go down this path — the path of the European social democracies — would be an enormous change for our nation.