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Mad as a wet hen. Well, if that don't beat all. Choppin' high cotton. Also remember: Y'all - singular All y'all - plural Not where I'm from. They're both plural, and adding the "all" is just for emphasis, right?

Curious child to cook- "What's in the pot? For first rate essays on the south and southerners, look to the incomparable John Shelton Reed , author of such classics as " My Tears Spoiled My Aim ".

Beyond evidently being American in origin, it's not clear what region it really comes from. Dan Rather posted by milkrate at PM on March 26, Oh, and speaking of colorful phrases that may or may not actually be Southern in origin: my grandmother was born and bred in Wyoming, and she had the single most hilarious repertoire of amazing phrases I've ever heard.

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The two that come most immediately to mind: a heavy person was easier to jump over than walk around , and a short person would have to stand on a brick to kick a duck in the ass. You don't take a picture, you make a picture. Your picture isn't taken, you had a picture made. Via the Golden Traingle, Mississippis; if you need a regional reference. A couple I remember my late uncle from Arkansas used to say: "Useless as tits on a boar hog.

Y'all is definitely plural.

All y'all includes everyone in a group. Here in Alabama y'all is always plural. When asking the question "What are all of you fine people are doing? We tend to think of northerners as carpet baggers and while we claim we have some northern friends we are basically a bunch of northernists. We also can't understand why people would want to bag carpets and bring them down here anyways. Ain't: "You ain't right. That's just the one that came to mind. I can't think of any of the stuff I've heard in the bars most of which is probably offensive anyways.

It's not real southern and only came into the vernacular during the whole 'it's cool to be a redneck' comedy era thing.

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Most people who say it now are generally scorned as being an old school new-era redneck. The irony is not lost upon us that the phrase 'old school' is also old school. Nthing y'all is plural ish people.

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More than that can be either y'all or "all y'all" as it's used where I was raised in Texas. My grandmother, almost 80, was raised in rural Arkansas, and among the sayings I've heard from her: Colder'n [colder than] a well-digger's ass. Poorer than old Job's turkey. I asked her, and the answer made no sense to me at all back then: "Everything but the box it came in.

I've also hear her mention "her bottom dollar" to mean her "last dollar. Thought you was a cow. Don't think Mad as a wet hen is a strictly southern thing. Nor Too big for your britches Vaguely remember something about rat shit and it being pointed at both ends. Can't quite recall the exact phrasing. Not Southern, but hillbilly talk: go buy the wonderful book Pissing in the Snow self link to a Metafilter post for plenty of off-color examples.

In fact, I mostly collect the dirtier of these phrases, so you'll forgive me for the coarseness of the following: "You look like a monkey trying to fuck a football" You're being ridiculous "scrambling like a three-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond. He pretty much ruled. Cuter than a speckled pup.

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And I agree about y'all always being plural. I have never heard it to refer to just one individual. Mississippi gal here. Oh, and a question of my own. Surname list. Recent blog posts more blog posts.


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