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And what long term effects will their stress really have? While Dr.

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Kershaw pointed toward the impact these new challenges will have on Gen X's children, Dr. John Jacobs , a couples therapist, wonders how additional stress will affect their marriages. He says, "The lack of family support -- which includes unavailable grandparents -- adds to these others economic and social challenges and will most immediately translate into creating conflicts among couples. We know that the divorce rate has stabilized or even slightly declined during these tough economic times, but the success of marriages among "Generation Squeeze" is yet to be determined.

Hopefully these couples will have a longer run than Ms. Kardashian's, but if they succeed, it will be in spite of their challenging environment and without those coveted squeezes from today's grandparents. Are Gen X parents facing more challenges today than ever before? Are absent grandparents adding to their stress? Vivian Diller, Ph. She has written articles on beauty, aging, media, models and dancers.

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There's A Fine Line. Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9. Page Count : ISBN : Format : Hardcover. In the past, how many individuals and families have suffered from these degenerative influences? Now we have the internet.

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High school sweethearts are reunited. Strangers meet and form personal unions. Families are brought together. Adoptees find reunion, too. Interest groups thrive.

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Businesses leap borders. Genealogies are learned, and one person in his lifetime can place himself into history, and comprehend his place in the span of time. On the internet, social alienation remains a factual force. But never before has a person had more opportunity for social integration. More than ever, being inside or outside now is a matter of personal choice. For those born in the internet age, this will be the norm. For those born before it, some will have adapted by and some will not have.

It already allows us to communicate in new ways. The trend I see only improves with time! These allow some interactions that are better not done face-to-face. And the internet frees up more time for social interaction by making things like shopping faster. Most humans are social.

The use of the internet has done a lot to shrink the actual distance between family and friends and allows an expansion to new cultural experiences. The way we interact is always evolving and has impact on the drive for knowledge, understanding, and communication. Balancing out the anonymity and lack of physical contact is the ability to mask a plethora of medical and psychological conditions that until now have proven serious handicaps to social interaction.

No one stutters or stammers on Twitter. The classic example of how the net has positively affected my personal life is Meetup. That, to me, blends the best of the net and the real world. At a minimum, it is an opportunity for complex dialogue with no opportunity for physical violence.

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They need social validation and group membership. It has allowed for the opening of dialog, discussion, and forums unlike anything since Greek times. It has allowed an individual to find others with the same likes, dislikes, and affinities good and bad , to add organization where there was chaos, allowed individuals to face who they are and develop that person. Has it changed the basic institutions of community relations? Hell, yes.

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For the worse, no? For the better? That waits to be seen. I have watched marriages crumble because of information the net has given. I expect that which does not kill us will make us stronger and better. The internet and World Wide Web have allowed communities to come together on politics and issues in ways that would never have happened before. It has allowed the sharing of group knowledge and consensus in real time. It has been good. When you are a dog on a social network site people know you are a dog.


Facebook has done this with an easy-to-use interface that most persons can use. I have been online every day since ; it was only with Facebook in that I could communicate with old friends online. Facebook made this possible for them, whereas I would have used anything.

Without them I had a lonely internet. In the future more applications will bring more people together. People do not ask if the telephone is an alienating social force. The phone is a utility supporting social life.