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Francis told the bishops at the end of the voting that he would indeed reopen the work of a commission that studied the issue of women deacons. Some conservatives and traditionalists have warned that any papal opening to married priests or women deacons would lead the church to ruin. They accused the synod organizers and even the pope himself of heresy for even considering flexibility on mandatory priestly celibacy.

They vented their outrage most visibly this week when thieves stole three indigenous statues featuring a naked pregnant woman from a Vatican-area church and tossed them to into the Tiber River. One was on display Saturday as the synod bishops voted on the final document, which was approved with each paragraph receiving the required two-thirds majority. The most controversial proposals at the synod concerned whether to allow married men to be ordained priests, to address a priest shortage that has meant some of the most isolated Amazonian communities go months without a proper Mass.

The paragraph containing the proposal was the most contested in the voting, but received the required majority Francis has long said he appreciates the discipline and the gift of celibacy, but that it can change, given that it is discipline and tradition, not doctrine.

Explainer: why some churches teach that women are 'separate but equal'

The second-most contested proposal concerned ordaining women deacons, a type of ministry in the church that allows for preaching, celebrating weddings and baptisms, but not consecrating the Eucharist. The paragraph passed Francis in agreed to a request from the international organization of religious sisters to set up a study commission to explore the role of women deacons in the early church, answering an insistent call for women to have greater decision-making, governance and ministerial roles given that the Catholic priesthood is reserved for men.

The commission delivered its report to Francis but the results were never released and Francis subsequently said there was no agreement among commission members. Some reported the study of this issue brought them to "an open recognition of our failure in this area, a new interest in the cultivation and implementing of the spiritual gifts of all members.

Most congregations that studied this issue in depth reported they are experiencing more freedom to develop and exercise the spiritual gifts of all members. Although a wide variation of opinion and practice exists within the church, two basic ways of viewing the relationships between men and women emerge.

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One view interprets the Scriptures dealing with the relation of men and women such as 1 Corinthians ; 1 Corinthians , 35; Galatians ; Ephesians ; 1 Timothy ; 1 Peter as calling for mutuality in Christ, but for functioning and decision-making, man is to be the leader head and woman is to be submissive to him.

Paul's teachings are not sufficiently conditioned by the cultural situation in which he gave them to remove their literal bindingness upon all believers in all cultures today. The second view sees the mutuality of men and women in Christ necessitating equality in worth and function as the Spirit gives gifts to the church, This equality is affirmed by the teachings of the whole of the Scriptures on the meaning of creation and redemption.

Paul's teaching is not counter to this but helps believers to work out the gospel in their cultures without making it unnecessarily offensive to nonbelievers. We need to respect the integrity of persons holding either view or some modification of them. A basic issue behind these views is the matter of principles of biblical interpretation.

Pope’s Amazon synod proposes married priests, female leaders

Hopefully the study of the principles of biblical interpretation by our congregations during the next two years can help persons who hold differing views on this particular issue to understand and accept each other. Does the above indicate a further way of working at greater mutual understanding between the proponents of these two views? Could it be that the outworking of the quality of the relationship between husband and wife as envisioned by those who hold to a divine order of the husband as the head of the wife is as mutual and respecting of personhood as that of those who see the relationship as essentially a mutual one?

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  7. Perhaps in the practical outworking the proponents of the two views are not as far apart as their statements and terms may tend to indicate. Could there be more willingness to see the questions through the minds and feelings of those who hold a different view? In most reporting congregations, the study document was not given serious enough consideration by the congregation. Many responses indicate that there are deep emotional attitudes and feelings about this issue.

    Everyone reporting expressed the desire to be faithful to the Scriptures, although opinions vary as to the meaning of various teachings. Congregations may face either of the following dangers: a an unquestioned adherence to past understandings which prevents gaining new biblical truth and acting upon it; b a rejection of past understandings in favor of a desired practice, not taking into account biblical teachings in the process.

    In many cases, small congregations more fully recognize and utilize the personhood and gifts of both men and women than do large ones. Congregational leaders men , in a number of instances, seem to assume that all men and women are happy and satisfied with the status quo, and therefore feel that present attitudes and practices need not be examined or questioned. There is also evidence that some men and women are not happy with the status quo. Some congregations are fearful of opening the issue for study because of the possibility of strong differences of opinion and the painful process which a change might bring.

    The recognition, development, and release of gifts in the congregation are often determined according to sex, thereby limiting the use of gifts which the Holy Spirit gives. Some groups identify distinct spheres for men and women; others see validity for both working together at any task, each learning from the other, each focusing on oneness, on unity in the kingdom of God. Frequently men expect women to initiate concern for or discussion of the subject of women in the church, rather than encouraging men and women cooperatively to discover new insights and grow in understandings.

    Many people feel that the proposal to study this issue is an endorsement for the "women's lib" movement.

    Efforts by Women of Faith to Achieve Gender Equality

    However, it should be seen as a way to discover a biblical stance for Christian women and men in a world which has a women's lib movement. We believe that it is the church's goal to discover the will of God through a faithful interpretation of the Scriptures. This requires: a the use of sound methods and principles of interpreting the total biblical witness which are in harmony with our Anabaptist tradition; b an openness to the Word of God which is alive and powerful Hebrews , so that the Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth John We believe that the intent of the gospel and the church's goal are to enhance the building of God's kingdom.

    This can happen: a When all persons are given freedom to realize their full potential in Christ by developing their gifts and exercising them in the kingdom. Failing to do so limits the vision and effectiveness of all persons. No one is to be excluded through listings of priorities, through language, or through assignment. All are to be included in the oneness of the body of Christ where "there is neither Jew nor Greek Wholeness, which God intends for women and men, is a priority concern in kingdom relationships.

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    We believe that the church's intention for this study is to strengthen Christian family relationships, to give integrity to the functioning of each member in any household family, extended family, persons alone , and to enrich and strengthen relationships within congregations. Scripture is inspired and is to be personally appropriated. We believe that the Holy Spirit speaks through the Scriptures to believers but that our understandings do involve interpretation.

    Open examination of Scripture, including cultural contexts during which it was shaped, assists the serious seeker to expect and be ready to accept insights not noticed before. Scripture affirms the uniqueness of maleness and femaleness, viewing both with equal value. The uniqueness of each contributes to the enrichment of the other. We need to view each other as persons first, remembering that we have value because of who we are as children of God rather than because of the functions we perform as women or men.

    Social relationships and cultural values tend to move us to value each other on the basis of our roles and work. The body of Christ is corporate, each person without special privilege or priority, each personally accountable to our one Lord. In a priesthood of all believers, no person is lord over another; each is servant to the others.

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    Our experience of mutuality in relationships and decision-making e. Responsible care for each other is the meaning of mutual submission and of corporate dominion.

    Paul's directive for mutual submission out of reverence for Christ Ephesians calls for turning away from selfish and self-willed decisions to loving and respecting one another.